Reverse Engineer Post

I have created an advertisement to fit the campaign done by Waterfront Shopping (shown below) to show some fundamental design pointers! I will pull out the important aspects that make this ad pleasing to the eye.

 Original Advertisement

Original Advertisement

Typography: The wording uses Sans Serif and Script to create a contrast. As you can see, "Waterfront Shopping and Food/Fashion use the same font and capitalization to pull the photo together. The wording "food meets art" is different sizes to emphasize certain words.


Design: As you can see, most everything in the photo is center aligned. This is to draw the eye to what is most important which in this case is the glass first, then the wording. There are three strong lines in the ad. The red color contrasts with the dark background so it stands out more, and the white wording stands out as well (see second photo). It's interesting to note that the three strong lines are spaced out a good amount so that the photo is not crowded.


There is a great amount of white space in the ad so that the eye can focus on what is very important, which is the wording and the glass! 


By following the steps of creation and making sure every box is checked such as contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity, typography, and color, the ad will excel.