Add Space - Make Ads Great

How to make a proper ad that will generate positive feedback among consumers.

This image originates from The Brand Agency Perth, for their client, Chris Frame and Samantha Pearson. This ad was created specifically for Bethanie Villages in W.A. that specializes in retirement homes for people "not ready to grow up." They have quite the night life with bars and clubs. Throughout these next few photos we'll descover how Bethanie Retirement Villages adds to their advertisements to create a pleasurable viewing experience for their audience.

Contrast creates balance. The small balloons extend wider than the large balloon above, creating a balanced effect although the balloons are different sizes. The font sizes vary but share the same font and coloring, making the eyes drawn to the larger font but able to notice the smaller font in a positive light. The background is white, though the edges fade darker which adds depth, instead of an entirely white background. 

Repetition is the use of a principle more than once on a graphic. For example, on this ad the font is repeated along with the color, creating balance to the photo. Though there is contrast and the font stands out, it is not an eye-sore and does not create confusion within the photo. There is also balance in the lines of the photo. Since the balloon is centered, the horizon line is repeated nicely through both sides of the image.

Alignment is key and this ad makes alignment an art. From the straight line in the middle to the positioning of the text, there is a flawless balance. The horizon line really pulls the entire image together. This allows our brain to pick up the location of where to read, as our eyes are drawn directly to that portion.

Allowing space, especially on the outside of the graphic, gives the viewer's eye a break. Though adding space can be uncomfortable to new designers, it is a simple way to make a graphic or text look polished and professional. 

When adding text to a photo, be sure to include enough spacing on each side to allow for the readers eye to not be cluttered. Allowing spacing but keeping text close enough to an image to not include too much contrast draws the audience to viewing the text and images as cohesive and having relation to one another.

Proximity plays an important role in how our brain processes the image. Spacing between the small balloons and large balloon allow a gap for the wording to be placed, where the readers eye is drawn right to it. The placing of the small balloons with space on the bottom as well as the top, makes them feel like part of the photo, rather than awkwardly thrown about the floor in a messy manner. 

Color is a large part of creating a successful ad. As depicted by the highlighted portion, adding color on a monochromatic background draws the eye and makes it stand out. Adding different shades of colors that are cohesive and not chaotic make for a good viewing experience.


These simple tricks will elevate advertisements to the next level and generate positive feedback. #design