5 Tips to Creating Editorial Fashion Photos

1. Don't be afraid to get down and dirty.

There was nothing beautiful about laying on this concrete ground, the model and I were both covered in dirt by the end of this shoot, but the images were worth it. Never be afraid (model or photographer) to get wet, muddy, dirty, or generally uncomfortable to get the shot. You won't rremember the mess later, only the final product.

2. Extension.

A big part of editorial posing is creating movement, and extension. This means extending either the arms or legs (or both!) to make the model appear bigger and the focus of attention..


3. Create angles!

Any unique angles your models can twist into are beautiful for editorial. Don't be afraid to ask them if there are any strange or unique poses they can do. If there's something you're picturing in your head, ask them to do it but tell them to have fun and feel comfortable while attempting. Awkward shows through in the final photo.

4. Make sure to initiate MOVEMENT.

For this image, I asked the model to kick the camera. She attempted a few times and after each "kick" I would adjust her arms until I had the look I wanted. Models don't mind doing the pose multiple times as long as the photographer is confident with what they're asking. Make sure to create a relationship with your model so you can enjoy the shoot and try new things!


5. Use your surroundings as props.

Editorial doesn't have to be overly styled and extravagant always. It's possible to create the same look while using the props around you. We spotted this chair and to make the pose a little more "power" oriented I had the model put her leg up on the chair. Though this was simple, it turned out to be a great set of photos.